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Our registered psychologists provide assessment and treatment/counselling services across the full range of psychological issues. Our key services include the following:

Our psychologists are trained and experienced in providing psychological assessments for criminal, personal injury and family court matters. Such assessments are complex and include contact with the client's legal representative, review of documents, lengthy clinical interviews and test administration, with a comprehensive report for submission to the court. Assessments may be requested pre court hearing or pre sentencing. In the case of family court matters such issues as parenting fitness, acess, and out-of-home care may be the focus. Local and regional solicitors, lawyers and barristers, as well as a number of metropolitan areas, regularly seek our services for their clients.

Usually an assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will be requested by the child or young person's paediatrician, pre-school or school, or parent/caregiver. An ASD assessment is lengthy and will usually involve structured interview with parents/caregivers and detailed observationof the child's social, interpersonal, physical, emotional and language functioning. A comprehensive report including diagnosis (if applicable) and recommendations for the child's further treatment/assistance is provided to the paediatrician, the parents/caregivers and the child's school/pre-school. Following receipt of the report, parents/caregivers are provided with a face-to-face or telephone debrief on the findings and recommendations contained in the report.

This practice has a long history of providing psychological services under contract to private and public sector organisations and their employees. Such programs aim to improve the well-being and general functioning of employees by assisting them to resolve both workplace and personal issues. Such interventions are helpful in improving morale and productivity in the workplace and may reduce the incidence of workers compensation claims being made. Generally employees are offered access to counselling with a psychologist for a specific number of sessions within a calendar year.

All our psychologists are accredited providers of psychological services under WorkCover with the most common presentations being individuals with psychological illness arising from physical injuries in the workplace and psychological illness arising from exposure to trauma, bullying and harassment. We have a proven track record in liaising with all involved providers across the health and rehabilitation professions, injury management staff and insurance case managers. This allows us to facilitate the best outcomes for both the client and the employer, with an emphasis on assisting the client to safely re-enter the workplace as soon as is practicable.

Riverina Psychology Practice has a long history of providing psychological services to military personnel. Such services are supported by the specialist knowledge and first-hand experience with the military that a nunber of our staff possess. Indeed early in her career Wendy Dignand spent some 12 years as a psychologist with Department of Defence and has provided services as a consultant since 1989 to personnel of both RAAF Base Wagga Wagga and Kapooka Army Barracks.

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